Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Some of the things I did in London:

Met up with some uni friends in covent garden, had a nice meal and shared some recent stories, laughed again at old ones too. Went on a walk around london with v visiting buckingham palace, westminster, whitehall, st pauls, millenium bridge, lambeth, site of old stock exchange, nelson's column (which was hidden by scaffolding). Also saw quite a few guards in all their regalia, seemingly milling around, occasionally marching, and having their photo taken with tourists. Got me thinking about those army adverts, young lads getting excited about being in the army. Right then lad, it's your job to wear this, hold this sword and have your photo taken looking like a bit of a tit. Join the army - be the best!

Went to church on easter sunday morning, which i'd selected by the fact that it had the best website of any located near clapham common. Although the worship was pretty formal, the sermon was actually pretty good and I'll reflect further in my easter blog. In the afternoon we took a 'flight' on the london eye, a term which v considered, at the least misleading, and just stupid sounding. However, it does sound much better than a 'revolution' on the eye, which is the only alternative I could proffer. Despite it's fairly exuberent price, we did enjoy it, you can see for miles and the views are quite spectacular. The angular structural framework of the eye also fascinated me, and made some nice photos. In fact, because the sky was quite dull and grey most of my photos haven't come out with as good as resolution as I would like. Where to go next, no idea, but to take full advantage of v's underground day pass we chose a station, trying Paddington in the hope that we may find an abandonned bear from deepest darkest peru. We saw a little one in a shop window, but more fortuitously we stumbled across London's longest bar. Had a nice meal, watched some football and drank some beer.

Monday v left for france, taking a link to the airport from kings cross station. I decided to leave my large luggage at the left luggage booth, which was near platform 9. Wondered if perhaps we might see platform 9¾ and I got quite excited to find that there is one, so rushed through the wall to check it out. Even though it was nearly 11am there was no train on the platform, I guess it only leaves once a year, so i came back, there's a picture of me entering the platform! After v left I spent a bit of time browsing museums, the tate modern, science museum, and I also found the memorial to diana managing not to injure any limbs whilst enjoying it. The 'fountain' is actually pretty good, and I'm sure i would've loved it as a child, watching the different speeds of water, paddling it with my hands.

So a nice break was had, apart from getting black snot when i blew my nose, does everyone get that in london I wonder?

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