Sunday, April 02, 2006

Sunday worship

During the service at cvm on sunday the local preacher, AM, led us in a very useful discussion on forgiveness. Looking at examples of those who struggled to forgive atrocities that had happened to them, and others who had forgiven such things. There were many useful contributions as we accepted the difficulty that forgiveness can bring to individuals, and how as christians we shouldn't act in judgement over those struggling to forgive. One useful comment i remember, is that peter said that he couldn't forgive, and that it was christ in him that forgave. I really am enjoying the way that we are doing church, sitting informally, sharing tea and coffee. Sometimes a formal traditional service, sometimes a discussion, but always an atmosphere of love and acceptance.

I was reminded that the president of the methodist conference, rev tom stuckey, was speaking at a rededication service for one of the circuits oldest methodist societies, 250th anniversary. He spoke well and continued promoting the themes he addressed in his presidential address to conference. To move away from worshiping a tribal chapel deity, to explore the vastness of a creative god that surpasses knowledge. To do theology, talk of god and share wisdom and experience. To be inspired by the spirit of god to explore new ways of worshiping him and sharing him.

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