Friday, April 07, 2006


So got up at 4am today in order to take v to the airport, and I can tell you, getting up at that time is just wrong, my whole body was screaming to go back to sleep. but once I'd coaxed it into a bit of life with a quick wash, I was soon feeling fine. In fact it reminded me of the sleeve notes to 'everything is wrong' by moby, where under the heading things that are right, he has listed: staying up really late, getting up really early. I think he is right.

But not all the time....

After seeing v off it was actually quite nice seeing the sun rising, a large orange globe peeking over the top of the horizon, sending shafts of light streaming between the clouds. The roads were still fairly quiet and I made good time in getting to work.

That eve I met up with janet and andrew to go and see mogwai live at the plug in sheffield. I do enjoy seeing this band live. The venue was heaving, but we managed to meander through the crowds and find our way into a small back room that gave a good vantage to the proceedings. To far to observe any fingering on the fret board, but nice and high to be able to watch the whole band without heads being in the way. It sounded great, I particulalry enjoyed glasgow mega snake off the new album. In addition I was extremely pleased to see stuart pick up a bass and sit on a stool, as I knew this meant they were going to play 'new paths to helicon part 1' which has to be one of my favourite ever tracks. It really is quite beautiful.


The show ended with an encore, finishing with the superb 'mogwai fear satan' though stuart seemed to indulge himself at the end playing with all the effects pedals. Causing quite a noise too.


There some more pics on flickr, but they aren't too great cos we were so far away from the stage.

Just sent this review to teletext, so will have to see if I'm successful again:

Can blood boil like this at the sound of a noisy tape that I've heard? So starts their debut album, and still mogwai produce a noise of blood curdling proportions. I doubt Roger Hargreaves could’ve envisaged a character to do justice to the name Mr Beast. Mogwai, however, succeed with their new album. Tonight unleashing the ferocious Glasgow Mega Snake, that even a parsel tongue of Voldemort’s standing would fail to control. Such noise then contrasted with delicate melodies, including the sublime ‘new paths to helicon’.

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