Tuesday, April 25, 2006


I had quite a nice weekend, did a bit of shopping on saturday morning before taking a train to derby to see my sis and give her a birthday gift. After opening the gifts and showing me her new dresses she took me on a walk to local alvaston castle. Despite it's magestic name, it was actually just a grand manor house with castlations. The weather was pleasent and I enjoyed chatting and catching up with my sis, and hearing about the mission trip she'd been on in Poland. That evening I went to meet v at the train station on her return from the second leg of her european tour.
It rained over night, which was just typical, my lawn was becoming more like a jungle every day (well, ok, so that's an exageration, more like a 'cress head' egg that had been left unattended to grow a strangled matt of overlong hair), and everytime I had oppertunity to cut the grass it would rain.

However, after church (a nice sermon from PR, though he finds it increasingly difficult to preach due to his illness, needing the prompt from his notes, yet still has a lot of interesting comments to make) the sun was out and I decided to give it a first cut, and attend to it again next weekend. In fact after the job was complete me and v sat out for quite sometime enjoying the april sunshine.

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