Monday, May 01, 2006

Don't you just love it when your car breaks

Church on sunday was really nice, we had some good discussions over our coffee. In an extra exciting manner we had a new attendee, an elderly lady who was in Sheffield to watch the snooker final at the crucible with her grandson. She wanted to attend church in the morning and her grandson found cv on the internet. How cool is the internet! I'd like to think that she chose our church on the basis of the really neat website that andrew has created for us, alas I think her choice was influenced by our geographical proximity to her grandson's house. Never-the-less an internet searching attendee is good news. It was also good to see hp again, as she was back visiting her parents. However, I did notice that the key was beginning to get stuck in the ignition and I was having increasing difficulty in turning it.

In the evening we held our monthly alternative service, using an interesting visual display. A centre piece of moniters, rather than a big screen, which we sat around in a circle. Used some visual meditative stuff, including this worship trick from Jonny Baker. After the service, I struggled to get the car to start again, and after unloading the sound equip at the community centre the car just would not start. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't get the key to turn in the ignition. Grrrrr, car trouble!!! Had to walk home.

Got up monday morning and walked back up to the car and managed to get it to start, and drove it straight to local garage and parked it up. Walked back home and enjoyed a nice bbq lunch with some friends, followed by watching the wonderful crouching tiger, hidden dragon. Watched a bit of the snooker final too, but it was quite dull. Trying to enthuse v about the greatness of the game was rather difficult when you'd have to wait about 15 min into a frame before a single ball was potted!

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