Monday, May 22, 2006


As we were out in London on saturday, I recorded the eurovision song contest and watched it with v on sunday afternoon. This was purely to introduce v to this european cultural experience, I had of course, no interest in the proceedings whatsoever. Nope, not at all.
It is actually really good watching it recorded as it is possible to skip through the many dull songs, LT United. LT Unitedhowever you do miss out on watching with subtitles that translate the songs for your understanding pleasure. I wonder if understanding the Latvian song would help reveal why they had this strange puppet thing that they put together on the stage. It was hilarius, it looked completely ridiculous, though did save a really terrible song. In addition to Terry Wogan's dry wit as he commentated on the event, other stand out moments included the Lithuanian tune "we are the winners" by This tune was great, so bad it was actually good, but the real standout moment was when some bald headed guy did this crazy air punching dance. LordiThey were clearly not taking the event seriously and came about third or fourth. So much better than the poor uk effort. I was really pleased to see Lordi, the finnish entry, triumph and win the event. It was cracking, microphone masking taped to a plastic axe, crazy costumes, over the top pyrotechnics and giant bat wings appearing outstretched from the lead singer, had me in stiches. Quality. My faith in the british public was restored in hearing that we voted for these two acts in first and second place.

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John Cooper said...

Well this event wasinteresting and I can assure you that me and my mates voted for the "We are the winners song". It was good fun with a slighty mafia style undertone.

As for teh puppet - it made no sense but we thought it looked like Michael Jackson having fun with a small child...any better suggestions?

Warm Regards Ever