Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Last night I went to see Adem with v and andrew at the boardwalk. I really like Adem, who I first saw supporting the delgados at Leicester Charlotte a few years ago. He's also a very nice chap and had this photo with me and the rest of his band, so it looks like I have a rock star friend! It was a really good evening, and it has been quite some time since I was last at the Boardwalk, it's a wonderful venue and allows you to get really close to the band. Support from local band the gentlemen, was quite good. Some of the tunes had me tapping my foot, but I found the lead singer quite annoying and didn't much like his voice either. Adem had also brought along a guitarist support act who was quite superb, playing some really delicate tunes. Unfortunately the start of Adem's set was marred with chatting from supporters of the local act, a common and annoying occurence at such gigs. Adem nicely alleviated the situation some what by asking, "can you hear me at the back? Cos I can hear you". He really is wonderful to watch playing the guitar and then also his odd assortment of intruments. An old organ powered by pedals, some kind of plucking instrument and loads of weird percussion instruments played by his band. I really enjoyed it. There are more photos on flickr which I must thank v for. She brought her camera which I used to take some pictures, and she has gone out of her way to email them to me before heading off to ireland for a few days.


Phil Goodacre said...

Hi Chris.

Would that have been these Gentlemen....


also much publicised here:


If it is then I'd like to know more about what you thought. I'm not saying we should like all 'Christian music' just because it is 'Christian' (whatever that means), but I'm intrigued to know what impression you got from them.....


moog said...

It was, i think they go to eccleshall church or something, or so another friend was telling me.

I think that they are musically very good, I certainly tapped my feet a few times. So from first impressions I enjoyed the music. Though as I mentioned I did find the lead singer a bit annoying and not sure if that clouded my judgement of his vocals. I really liked the song when he played the keys and wasn't mincing around the stage! When I was chatting to Adem he was speaking very highly of them. Also when they first started the mix was terrible, but they seemed to sort that out a bit. There is certainly potential there.