Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The car is fixed

Had to walk up to the garage yesterday and inform them that my car was broke and could they please fix it, then had to work out which construction site I could get to easiest from a train station. What a pain. Got the train again this morning, but am now informed that the car is fixed. Hooray. Just in time, as tomorrow I am working as a poll clerk for the local elections, and without a car the journey to the polling station at such an early hour would've been quite a chore. The annoying thing is that the money i'll earn as a poll clark, which I was aiming to put towards my israel trip, will now be syphoned straight into car repairs. Boooo.

Later today I'm going to attempt to become a tv star again by watching the sheffield utd promotion winning team parading around sheffield city centre. Local news star here I come!

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