Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Ordinands' testimony service

Last year I went to the ordinands' testimonial service, as one of the probationary ministers in our circuit was giving her testimony. I really enjoyed it, so went along to this years, not just because I knew one of the candidates, but because these personal stories of following a call into full time ministry are wonderfully engaging. Picked up brian and peter and we made it to greenhill methodist in plenty of time. It's a while since i've been there and I couldn't quite remember it's exact location, the district website was of no help, and it appeared that the church does not have it's own site. Anyway, I followed my nose and came across it without any major problems. The stories were again very interesting, how people from varied backgrounds suddenly find the call to ministry in the methodist church. A story that sticks in my mind was one told by the last candidate who was previously an MD for a factory near Toronto, on his way to work he heard a story on the news about someone winning $180 million on the lottery. At work people discussed how they would spend such a fortune, he just said that he would never have the opportunity as he never plays the lottery. However, on the journey into work the next day he thought about the question, and decided that if he had so much money he would pay off his mortgage and then work for the church. Then a thought entered his head that he described as not his own, saying 'you can work for the church and it will be like owning $180 million'. From this seed, he eventually handed in his resignation, and during the period of working out his notice he said not a day went by when he didn't have a conversation about jesus with someone at work, and he never started the conversation. I also have some more thoughts that I will probably put on the bible study blog which i suggest you visit from time to time if you feel like discussing matters biblical.
Also at the service there was a time of prayer that was led using a power point presentation, images to help us in the prayer. However, I found it less than helpful because I thought the quality of the presentation was poor, bad font style/colour so difficult to read, non-aligned pictures, poor quality pictures and images that were barely associated with the topic of prayer. Now is this me not being gracious, or do I have a point? If you are going to use technology to help us engage, surely it's better to be done well?...

Also I must let you know that Siobhan's blog about her time in Kenya has been updated.

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