Sunday, July 30, 2006

End of an era

So tonight saw the last episode of top of the pops and with it the end of an era. Of course the decision to end the long running programme is probably correct, having not watched an episode for quite some time, now that music is on demand 24/7. However, it was still a fairly sad occasion. I remember the odd episode being watched by my baby sitters as a kid, but it wasn't until the late summer of 1987 did I really become enthralled with pop music, and it was from this date that every thursday evening I would be glued to bbc1. I'd get my tape recorder and place it as close as possible to the tv set and record the tracks that I liked, so I could listen to them again. I still have the tapes, and I even did my own commentry. There has been some really memorable episodes, but i think the performance of 'smells like teen spirit' by nirvana was like some kind of epiphany. All of a sudden everything I thought music should be was turned on it's head and I started listening to more and more obscure guitar based bands and also delving into the past, particularly music from the 60s. All sparked by a performance on TOTP, I find it hard to think how an act could make such an impact these days.
I'm also quite pleased to know that I was once in the audience for a TOTP show, as it went on tour in the late 90s, visiting sheffield where I was really excited to see a performance by Mel C. My head was just about visible in one of the shots of the episode, and the Macy Grey perfomance of I Try has appeared on numerous TOTP2 outings.
It was great to see Sir Jimmy Savile, being his usual exuberent self, still living the totp dream with over the top golden shell suit, that's what totp was all about. A shame there was no clips of A Flock Of Seagulls, who perhaps sported the most outrageous hairstlyes of any totp performers.

So totp leaves and enters the realms of nostalgia, and I'm sure it will be remembered with fondness.

It's still number one, it's Top of the Pops!

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Helen said...

indeed, i too watched with fond sadness. you should do a TOTP screening with those tapes you've got....grab a projector and make a night of it..everyone likes a good nostalgiac trip down their childhood lane.