Saturday, July 01, 2006

Getting ready

So it's not long now before I leave for israel to join a highway project. I shall be based mainly in a town called raineh, which is very close to nazareth, where I'll be taking part in helping to run a summer school for palestinian muslim and christian teenagers. I'm really looking forward to it, but there's all that stress of getting everything ready, buying all kinds of bits and pieces for games, clothes to keep me cool. Today I bought a hat, but it makes me look like an extra from 'it ain't half hot mum'. I also bought a pair of sandals the other day, these were offically endorsed by the english FA, and I'm sure that gerrard, beckham and the rest of the england team are wearing identical ones around the hotel. I'm sure their wages could cover the £10 cost for the pair. In fact, these sandals may be the source of the fairly non-descript form that england are showing. You see, i wore mine today, and they really rub on your heel, so perhaps the england team are suffering from sore heels or similarsandal induced ailment.
There are of course slight concerns to the current situation in israel at the moment. Although we won't be anywhere near the gaza strip, the reporcutions will be felt countrywide. I hope to drop a few lines about the trip on my return.


John Cooper said...

Never blame sandals....they are above reporoach! :P

Are you off with (Ex Youth Pres) PB to Isreal because I know he is jetting off there this week.

Warm Regards Ever

moog said...

indeed, he is on the same project as me. His dad too

Anonymous said...

Here Here.. Sandals are amazing..

Hmm... I must be famous if you only wish to refer to me as PB :)

Well, this trip looks like its going to be 'fun'... Just been checking on all the latest news headlines and such......

Oh, and also trying to work out what on earth i need to take with me for this project.

I'm so confused :)


felicity said...

oooh, good luck and have a happy time in israel....