Tuesday, July 25, 2006

John and Suzanne's wedding

So I got back into the country saturday evening, after a hassle free passage through security at the airport in Tel Aviv and a fairly nice flight, though it was delayed a little due to the thunder storms in London. Chris came and picked me up and I stayed the night at his house, he is a super star. Set off just after 0800 from hemel to Liverpool for my friends wedding, stopped for some fuel and picked up three polish students who were hitching their way to some hippy festival in Yorkshire. Dropped them off at watford gap where I found another hitch hiker looking for a lift to the M6, so I took him onwards. Finally I reached Liverpool and that is when the location problems began, suddenly the sign posts decided that the name of the road was no longer important, so as I was looking for the A-such and such, all I got was vague locations. Inevitably I got lost, and I found a number of locals whom I asked for directions, most of whom turned out to be incoherent to my ears. The first girl gesticulated towards some road, saying go along till you come to a park, and then spent a good few minutes describing what a park looked like, it's like a lot of green grass, not a small bit, but a big bit. Yeah cheers, i know what a park is, the thing i don't understand is which is the road that you mean from the seventeen that congregate here!

Eventually I arrived at the correct location where I met up with an old school friend, rebek. We've both known John all our lives, having been through school together and amazingly still kept in touch. The wedding started at 3, and it has been some time since i was last able to see John, and the difference the ravages of his illness had made as quite telling, and it upset me to see him like that. However, once chatting with him, it was clear he was the same old John, and the frailities of his body dissolved away. Suzanne looked absolutely stunning, she is such a wonderful girl, and has gone to great lengths to help john in his illness and arrange the early marriage ceremony.

After a wonderful meal there were some heartfelt and emotional speeches, as Suzanne's father, a staunch Liverpool fan like John and Suzanne, handed John the ticket to the European Semi Final match that he missed for the birth of his daughter, he told about all the heroes he had seen in the liverpool shirt, but none more worthy of wearing the strip than John. Then John spoke, and mentioned how great it was to have his dad at his side after his father's long serious illness at the turn of the new year. John is so lucky to have found someone like Suzanne and I'm pleased to count them as my friends.

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