Sunday, July 16, 2006

the situation


This is just a quick post. The project is going well, and I am getting to know the kids and also a little arabic. It has been fun and tiring work, but I get a real sense that they are pleased to have english people amongst them and helping with their summer camp.

We have also had chance to do a few touristy things, and this weekend the groups in nazereth met to have a time of relaxation before our second week. Yesterday we went for a tour around the sites around the sea of galilee. It was really quite an odd feeling to be reflecting in these places that Jesus was (or at least very close to) and hearing the distant thunderous noises of bombs in the background.

In nazereth we are currently our of range, but the repercussions are felt here, as we know people whose relatives live there, and even people who work in the areas being hit. Of course they are worried that the violence will escalate, and we continue to pray for peace. Hopefully we will be able to finish our work here, but things are in place should the advice change and we have to move to a safer location. I would find this a very difficult situation, though of course the sensible option, as we will have to leave friends here.

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