Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Highway Projects trip

So how do I articulate my experiences of the last fortnight or so? Wandering in the wilderness outside jericho, floating in the dead sea, working in Raineh, meeting new friends, eating falaffal, hearing bombs land, seeing places christ walked, being evacuated, seeing jerusalem, helping on another project, experiencing a little of the struggle faced by arab israelis, learning some arabic, being quiet.

It's impossible to place all my thoughts on the matter into a concise blog, so i won't. My journal is pages long, and I shan't be replicating it here, I shall probably write a little about some of the projects later. In the meantime, I suggest if you want to hear more about the experience I'd be more than willing to come and talk at a function/event/service etc. My photos are now uploaded onto a flickr set and will be anotated over the coming days.

I also can't recommend the work of highway projects enough, so if you are interested in doing some mission work next year, give this a thought.

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