Friday, July 28, 2006

The hum drum

cartoon from

Cartoon by Dave Walker.

I get back from mission and the week feels a bit like this cartoon, nothing really happens. The normality of work, eat and sleep is in stark contrast to the last weeks of engagement and everyday new experiences. It's difficult to process and get back into the swing of 'normality', though it does highlight the fact that I would really rather do something else than this work-a-day lifestyle.

Anyway, this morning I was reminded of my travels as my friend, Joy Adams, was on this morning's 'Pause for thought' on radio 2. I've known Joy for a few years now, after meeting on a methodist placement trip to India. She was also on a highway projects team, working at a children's camp in Nazareth. Today she shared her thoughts about being caught in a war zone and the sadness felt at having to leave. It is possible to listen to it again for the next week here. It is about 20 minutes into the programme, so that you can skip a bit, cos if you are like me, you will find Sarah Kennedy extremely annoying.

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