Saturday, August 12, 2006

Acrington Stanley.....who are they?


Everyone who grew up in the eighties will be familiar with the lines from the milk advert, claiming that if Ian Rush didn't drink milk, he'd be playing for Acrington Stanley. I remember my dad telling me of the days when Acrington Stanley used to be a league club, and today a bit of history as they win their first match after gaining promotion back into the league last season.

Chesterfield, however, score five goals whilst I decide to go for a walk instead, as I'd already paid to see them once this week. A goaless mid-week draw, which certainly showed a lot of promising signs for the season. I can't remember the last time they scored so many goals. I think four is the most I've seen them score in a game.

So where have i been in my blogging lapse, well not doing anything of note. Another walk on monday evening after work along stanedge edge was particulalry stunning. A bbq at house group on thursday was a nice relaxing time. Though most of my time has been spent reading, I'm really enjoying this current novel and only a few more pages left to go.

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Phil Goodacre said...

been out of the country for the start if the season - gutted to have missed our wonderful start, lets see how long it lasts.....