Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Greenbelt - Friday

The afternoon was spent enjoying the sun, reading and deciding what to do over the course of the weekend, so much choice.

Before we could eat, we required water to cook the noodles, but the plumbing had yet to be connected to serve water to our campsite, so I had to go on a traipse onto the race course to find some water. It took ages, and I was pretty tired after lugging the water back, which made me think about those people who daily have to walk miles for water and then get on with many jobs too. Not me, I collapsed and handed the baton of food preparation to Andrew and Helen. It was almost delicious. Got a text from siobhan, she was just back from her time in Kenya and was at greenbelt, fantastic to see her again. that strange, can't believe it's almost a year, kind of encounter. Here is someone who has experienced life in a very different way, whilst in the same period things have plodded on in the uk, it must be quite a strange time adjusting again. You should check out her blog though to hear of her experience.

The first event of the day was to go and see clarky cat, who hail from Notingham. These were probably my favourite band of the weekend, for the sheer enthusiasm and energy that they put into their music. It certainly wasn't the best music I've heard, definate room for improvement, but if they continue in that passionate vein, I'm sure something will come. Great to see kids getting enthusiastic about music, obviously been listening to a lot of their parents punk music, but re-interpreting it with drum machines. The bass player thought he was Sting, bleached hair and Sting like bass playing movements.

Then we queued up for Fuse Factory, a group form switzerland who use electronica and vjing for worship. It sounded interesting, and whilst in the queue we were just in front of jonny baker whom h was hoping to meet to enquire about grace, a worship event in london, near to where she was moving to. Anyway, he was there with all his trendy 'alt.worship' dudes with their trendy glasses and little beards on their chins, looking ultra cool. They seemed friendly and h arranged to meet them later in the weekend to chat about grace. They did remind me of this cartoon.
Fuse factory were interesting, I really liked the idea of creating four walls of projections, the front wall being thin gauze where it was possible to see at the same time the projection on the back screen as well as the projection on the front screen. Some girl was singing in the middle of all this. Found the songs a bit irritating, and the images a little tiring after a while, there's only so much swiching back and forth from video loops you can take. But I think this idea of projecting can be taken further.

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