Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Filming church

On Sunday, two girls from the local catholic school came to video our communion service as part of an RE project looking at the differnet ways communion is done in various denominations. Our minister asked if we would be comfortable with that at the coffee morning on saturday. We replied that it was fine, though we began to wind him up, suggesting that we could all dress up as pirates for the service. I don't know how representative of the methodist church we were mind, especially as we do meet in a slightly unconventional way, around tables with more discoursive teaching than mere sermons. The actually ceremony is as per worship book, but then it does say the congregation receive the elements as per the local tradition (which could well have been dressed as pirates!) The girls seemed to like the idea that we had a more interactive service as they'd never been somewhere where you could question and give ideas as part of the sermon.

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