Monday, August 14, 2006

Blessed are the cheesemakers

it's not meant to be taken literally; it refers to any manufacturers of dairy products.

Of course.

And one such manufacturer is Muller, creator of the crunch corner, my favourite flavour being tropical crunch. But back in March i wasn't blessing Muller, oh no, i was cursing them. After stiring my tropical crunch corner into it's delicious yogurt i noticed a dark hair in the pot. Another sign of my ageing, a rogue hair from my dwindling hairline. Or so I thought, as I fished it out it was far too long to belong to me, and was encrusted within a portion of the crunch. Well what can you do, but write to Muller exclaiming the horror of discovering such a repugnant vagrant hair within my delicious yogurt. I was asked to send in the offending artical so that it could be paraded around Muller Heights and shown as an example of the result from a lack of adherence to hygenic standards, or some such thing. This I dutifully did, and the months past, and then i found the letter asking me to send in the offending artical and i thought to myself, those sly people at Muller have just gone and taken the evidence from me and discarded it. So I rang them up on Friday - hey what about that hair in my yogurt?!!!

Today an apologetic letter, we can't understand how it could've happened, but we have ordered the management to don sack cloth and weep in ashes for such a catastophic failure in our hygeine procedures. To compensate you for you inconvenience in discovering the offending artical please take these vouchers as a token of our repentive souls. Yes that's right, I am the proud bearer of not one, or two, but ten whole pounds of Muller vouchers. So the crunch corners are on me!

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Vanilla Choco Balls are still the best and apparently they do still make Strawberry Orange Balls.