Saturday, August 19, 2006

Emma Pollock live

Thursday night I went to the leadmill to see emma pollock support a guy called m ward. I'd been quite excited about this gig for a while, a chance to hear how her solo project was coming on. It certainly sounded good, and strange to see her playing without the rest of the delgados. These tunes have taken a more folky orientation with the vocals being central. Though with this being an acoustic set it is difficult to imagine what the fuller sound of the album will be like. The showcased melodies certainly sound like a good starting place. I got chance to have a quick chat with her and jamie after the gig. There was a rumour going around last year that she was writing some songs for the sugarbabes. She informed me that this was correct, she had been approached by their production team, but they didn't select any of her tunes. Her solo album should be out next year on 4AD, something to look forward to.

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