Tuesday, August 22, 2006


It's near Pontefract don't you know.

I wonder if anyone blogs about Hemsworth? I doubt it, nothing noteworthy from my visits, but then you never know. I'm only blogging about it cos I went to visit my friend Mick there last night. He lives there, and he isn't famous, which is probably why no-one blogs about Hemsworth. Though I guess if he was famous, then there'd be a blue plaque on the wall and thousands of web pages dedicated to the town. As it is, this is probably about as famous as Hemsworth gets.

It was good to see Mick, it's been a while since I last saw him, and it's always good to chat and you can rely on having some tasty food too. Yesterday his wife cooked a delicious curry. So we chatted, played pop quiz on the playstation and chatted some more.

Work is a little slack, hence the sneaky and relatively uninteresting blog. Today I am a little worried about my hair line, it is rapidly retreating and there appears to be no halt in sight. My head even feels tingley, so I'm imagining that I can feel my hair dropping out.

Looking forward to greenbelt, if you are going I recommend 'One Nation' always very good live. In fact I've just ordered a new camera to replace the one i lost earlier in the year, as I am missing adding to my photos on flickr. Two gigs and no photos.

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Phil Goodacre said...

my mate john lives in hemsworth.

will be at greenebelt too. most likely to be at anything taize related, also courtney pine, daniel bedingfield, shane claiborne.