Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Flat tyre

What is it about commuting to work on a wednesday - this is twice in a row now. Left the house this morning and the passenger front tyre was looking quite low, need to get some air in that I thought. Drove about half a mile when I consolidated that the tyre needed immediate attention and so would have to be replaced with the spare.

Easy enough, or so I thought. It turns out that the spare tyre is fixed into the boot by a screw to hold it in place. This screws into the base of the car and is exposed underneath the car - which results in rusting of the screw. It was impossible to turn. Luckily I had stopped near a window manufacturing company and I asked if anyone could give me some asssistance. This great guy came and brought a tool with which to loosen the screw and freeing the tyre. He then helped me replace the tyre too.

There's a tyre garage on the way to work so I called in there and they replaced my old tyre with brand new one and fitted it all within about 7 minutes. Excellent service. So gogt to work a bit late, my hands covered in oil and muck, my trousers too.

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