Friday, December 02, 2005

Sod cutting

Well that is what it was advertised as, but seeing as the steel was already up, cutting a lump of earth would seem a little pointless. So instead a bit of brickwork some mortar and a trowel did the trick.

Publicity shoot at work to show off the new primary health care centres, I was quite keen to go along as I've never seen such an event before. There were all kinds of VIPs from the local area, the mayor and Ed Miliband the local MP. One of the funniest sites was the wife of the mayor hobbling onto the site in the only safety wellingtons left, size ten. I reckon she probably takes a size 3 normally!

I managed to get myself onto some of the Bluestone photos, not the ones that are likely to make the local press. Though I did offer my services when they asked for doctors to join the shoot with the NHS big wigs.

this chap in the front with the brick is Ed Miliband the MP, obviously not a local lad!

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