Sunday, December 11, 2005

King Kong

The original 1933 film was on uk gold this weekend and I watched it ready to compare with the new peter jackson film, should i get round to watching it.

I'm only familiar with the iconic scene from this movie, with Kong atop the empire states building surrounded by flying aircraft. However the rest of the film stands up really well considering it's age, and though the stop animation models are quite obvious, at it's time it really must have been cutting edge, though they did remind me of the old chewits adverts. The female star, Fay Wray, is pretty stunning, and at some points during the film when Kong has ripped away some of her dress, her appearence must have been considered quite risque

Up until the appearence of Kong her character does begin to challenge the preconceived ideas of the feminnine model held by the men on the ship - which unsurprisingly leads to a romantic encounter. After the appearence of Kong and the various prehistoric monsters on the island, she barely says another word and spends the whole time screaming, which does become a bit annoying. Another thing that surprised me about the film, was the number of deaths, Kong has no hesitation in eating many people, or flinging them from great heights.

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