Friday, December 23, 2005

Getting ready for christmas

Didn't get that job in developmental genetics and i was feeling quite down about that the other day, but at least i'm still in work, need to make a more concerted effort at applying for science jobs next year.

No work today - woo hoo, had a bit of a lie in and then popped to town to finish a bit of shopping and also donate some blood. Wasn't intending to give blood, but I saw the donor place and remembered I was due to give some more. I got an A+ when I last donated, which must mean i did very well.

This time it didn't go quite as smoothly, the nurse messed up injecting the needle. i couldn't believe it because my veins are huge and very obvious. She dais "oh dear I've messed that up, I better take the needle out so it doesn't bruise. I don't want you to have a bruise for Christmas." Yeah and I was considering wearing my strappy top too, and that bruise would just ruin everything (!)

Anyway, i didn't want my wait to have been a waste of time, and I'd been given a key ring as it was my second donation, and I would feel a little undeserving of such a gift as I'd not actually donated anything. So i allowed them to try again with my other arm - this time success and 11 minutes later they had the required amount of bllod.

Got to wash my car now as it is filty, the roads are really wet and muddy this time of the year and it doesn't take long for the car to get dirty.

Have a great christmas blog readers.

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