Monday, January 02, 2006

A new year

Well it's a new year, so i guess i ought to post my first blog of it. Christmas was ok, nothing really exciting about it, but then there never is these days, it's not really the magical time it was when you were a kid, but really that's not what it's about. Got some nice presents and met up with quite a few friends, some whom i've not seen for quite a while, though it never seems like it when you meet up - it could've been yesterday. In my time off amongst reading, watching tv, visiting friends, watching football matches, I've been doing some decorating around the house. Though each job always seems to take at least 5 times longer than i'd anticipate, what with one problem or another revealing themselves. Take today for example, stripping off a small wallpaper border thing that is in the bathroom, five minutes is my guess. About an hour later it's pretty much off - the problem being the previous occupents decided to put it up with super glue! So much soaking and scraping later, there was still remnants of glue on the wall with furry paper fibres attached. So had to get the brillo pads on this, which seemed to do the trick.

Painting too, especially ceilings makes your arm ache and reminds me always of Mr Myagi from karate kid (who sadly died last year). After 'wax on, wax off' cleaning of the cars in the garage Mr Myagi gets the karate kid to paint all the fences, and this turns out to be training. So I guess when all this decorating is completed I'll be some kind of karate expert.

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