Saturday, January 14, 2006

Death of a Car (salesman)

This post has nothing to do with arthur miller, or indeed any actual deaths as all gsce students will know, a car doesn't actually fulfill all the componants of MRS GREN to be considered alive in the first place, (neither indeed do proteins, but where does that leave prions?)

However, a quote i had on thursday to fix my car in order to pass the mot was so costly as not to be worth while. Which came as somewhat of an inconvenience for me, not just because i need a car for work, but also cos i don't have the kind of money to be spending on it either.

Fortunately I found a reasonably priced fiesta on, which despite being nearly 10 years old, had just passed it's mot and had 6 months tax. I went round after work to have a look at it, and it seemed just fine. The guy selling the car worked near one of the sites I work at and drove up at lunch time so i could inspect it in the daylight the following day. We agreed a price and today I went to pick it up. It's nice to have a new car, and though I'm just adjusting to the new clutch control and gear ratios I'm pleased with my purchase. Though after paying for the insurance as well, i'm back to trying to bolster my savings again. There goes my plan to start purchasing some cds that were out last year that i couldn't afford at the time, esp Arcitecture in Helsinki, Elbow and the Editors.


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