Friday, January 06, 2006


I started this blog when I was out of work last year and bored. Having watched the Monastry on bbc2 the previous night, I searched the internet looking for reactions in cyberspace, stumbling across Jonny Baker's blog. Reading it, I thought that writing a blog seemed like a good idea for something to do.

I really found the monastry programme fascinating, particularly the reaction of the participants in the monastic lifestyle, and how it helped them understand God better. The programme certainly appeared popular, and so it was interesting to read this news item yesterday about a new documentary film that is packing out cinemas in germany. The bbc news cover the story here. It sounds fascinating, but what i found even more interesting is the popularity of the film. There is obviously great interest in lifestyles of regimental spiritualality, devoid from the presures of the normal western lifestyle. Perhaps there is real need for people to spend more time on spiritual things, not as an escape from the world, but as a catalyst to change the way we approach the world, trying to engage in a more godlike/christlike view of the worl around us. But this is something that is difficult to acheive, in my experience. The separation and regimental lifestyle the monks undertake would certainly make dwelling on spiritual things much easier, than with all the distractions of everyday life. Each new year i consider how best i can get into a routine for more bible reading, praying and reading philosophy/theology, but i think more time is spent thinking about doing it then actually partaking in anything! So I shall look forward to the release of into great silence and perhaps it will inspire my spiritual journey further...

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Phil Goodacre said...

have you been able to find any info about when it might be released in the uk?