Thursday, January 05, 2006


Just a few links and stuff that may be of interest:

mogwai release a new album later this year and you can hear a stream of the first single to be taken from the record at their myspace site. It's called and you can hear it at Friend of the Night I don't think it's that great compared to their other stuff, but interviews I've read suggest the new record see mogwai move back to their noisey and rocky roots - so I'm hopeful for a cacophony of white noise.

Stewart, ex-bassist with the delgados, continues to work hard for chemikal underground records and has started a blog, that if is anywhere near as good as his online diary he kept during the release of Hate, is sure to be an excellent read. In fact one of Stewart's previous diary enteries, his memories of John Peel after his death, have made it in abridged form into John Peel's autobiography! Anyway, get yourself over to and click on the link for Stewart's blog.

It seems that any self facing band has a myspace site these days and the sublime arcade fire are no exception. Their album Funeral, which I purchased last year, is by far the greatest album that I heaerd in 2005, and you can listen to a couple of album tracks yourself at and see that I'm not wrong.

Another record I'm looking forward to is the artic monkeys debut album. I must admit I was initially sceptical about this band, not being a big fan of 'bet you look good on the dancefloor'. However hearing their new song 'When The Sun Goes Down' I can only herald it as the single of 2006 already. Yes, the leader singer plays heavily on his sheffield accent and owes his observational lyrics to Jarvis Cocker, but the witty narative of this song is fantastic, and the riff as the chorus kicksin makes me want to dive straight into a mosh pit - and i'm far too old for that these days! Fantastic.

there's also a new post from siobhan in kenya

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