Monday, January 23, 2006

Top of the Pops star

Well, there's not been a great deal to blog about recently, been moping around a bit cos i've been feeling a bit down, trying to keep myself busy so I don't have time to have unhelpful thought processes milling around my head, but now is not the place to go into all that. Go and listen to Malcolm Middleton's records, that sums up a bit how I'm feeling. Don't get too disheartened tho, life is like that, it's a bit crap sometimes.

There was a small ray of sunshine on sunday eve that brought a smile to my face. My housemate was watching Top of the Pops, belle and sebastian were on, and their new song is ok, not their best imo. Then the awful anodyne, son of dork, what a really poor excuse for a band - listening to that was three minutes wasted. This was followed with some vintage footage from 1999, Macy Gray performing 'I Try'. I was at this particular recording, as it was recorded in sheffield and me and my housemates got tickets. Fantastic, you got a good shot of my housemate, nikki, and I knew I was stood just behind her. Then a pan shot of the audience revealed a profile that was taller than the rest, and it just had to be me!

The programme finished with the anti thesis to 'son of dork', the arctic monkeys, with their truely superb single, when the sun goes down. Spotty, unkempt, singing about prostitutes, playing live and ridiculing the audience for clapping too early - rock and roll!

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