Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Emergency Pizza

Had to break out an emergency pizza for tea today, due to some terrible lapse of concentration on my part. A trip to the supermarket to get some food in, and cos it's so close I only ever buying food for the next couple of days meals. Decided I'd make corn beef hash, which would see me through two days, and I'm hoping to visit a friend tomorrow, so that'd take me to friday - fish and chips day. Anyway, got home and waited for my housemate to finish cooking in the kitchen only to discover as I went to prepare my ingredients, that I hadn't bought any corn beef. Being a central ingredient to corn beef hash it meant I either had to traipse back to the shops, or put an emergency pizza in the oven. I did the latter, frozen pizzas are great to fill in such occasions, and are usually consumed when I've had a busy day at work and need to be out a meeting in the evening. What's also annoying is as I was walking around the supermarket I observed with some disgust a girl with a list in hand, editing and crossing things off as she popped things into her trolley - tsk can't you even remember what you've gone to buy!

The observent of you may have noticed a few extra links to blogs on the side. There's being felicity who i found on technorati had been to the same arab strap gig as me, and I've enjoyed following it. Also another technorati finding, cait jane who i discovered likes boards of canada amongst other great bands. She writes intelligently about life in canada, particularly about politics, from a left wing christian perspective. Finally the connexion a rather dull methodist blog, that has a poor look, maybe it will be better, but i only advise viewing if you're really bored. I'll let u know if it gets better...

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John Cooper said...

If a woman crossing off things off a list in a shop makes you tsk, what on earth a chap like myself with a list would do I hate to think!

Hope you learnt your lesson mr No Corned Beef!

Warm Regards