Friday, January 27, 2006

Impending doom

I'd completely forgotten to blog about an incident last friday. I don't know if you are familiar with a film called 'the ring' starring naomi watts? It's actually based on a japanese film of the same name, and this original version was on the sci-fi channel recently. Last friday eve I sat down to watch it, and the general plot centres around a sinister video that when watched results in an immediate telephone call stating that the viewer has 7 days left to live. After 7 days the viewer dies via some supernatural manner. Well I'd just got to the part in the film where the investigative journalist has stumbled upon said video and watches it. After about 5 min of strange video footage the phone rings, and at exactly the same time the phone in my house rang too. Expecting to hear that I had only 7 days to live I was quite relieved to find that it was actually the chair of district, though I thought it a touch unusual to receive a call from him. He's not an inanimate object, but a gender neutral overseer of all things methodist in the sheffield area. In methodism we have this idea that everyone is equal under God and so we don't have a system of heirarchy, so hence the term chair of district. Which has some equivelent to the bishops of the anglican church, and the methodists are currently discussing the role, if any, that bishops could play in the connexion - but this blog isn't about that, cos it's require lots of greek and explantion of terms like episcopy - which frankly i don't fully understand and it all seems like a bit of a waste of time to me. Back to the point, the chair, Vernon Marsh, asked me if I'd be willing to convene a group to look at aspects of worship in the district, and currently I'm thinking about it, though probably not, don't really have the time for more meetings, and am sure there are probably more able ppl in the district.

So that leads me to this evening and 7 days since the phone call and I hope I don't succomb to a gruesome end as I have a ticket for a gig. Whilst stripping wall paper on sat I was litening to radio 6 and heard two separate tunes which I liked, and they were both by the same artist, Regina someone or other. Yesterday, AD emailed me saying that he had read in the listings of the metro that Regina Spektor was playing at the the leadmill on fri, and was that the name of the person I'd heard. Fantastic, that was the name, and I immediately bought a ticket, so look out for a review soon.

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