Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Four hours

Four hours, that's four hours!!!!

I work about 15 miles away from home, a usual 35 minute journey in the morning. Not today. Four hours I was stook in my car.

I was just eating my toast when the local news mentioned that the M1 was closed between juncion 36 and 37. That's alright I thought to myself, I don't use the motorway going to the office in Barnsley. Then it suddenly dawned on me that as the office is just off the A61 in the centre point of these two junctions, that all the three laned traffic usually on the motorway would be diverted down this road that is in no way designed to take such a huge flow of traffic. So I quickly grabbed some extra tapes to listen to in the car and set off. There were no other ways in to Barnsley either, without travelling miles and then encountering traffic that had been diverted via the A1M. I could've walked it quicker.

Siobhan has sent another newsletter on her experience in Kenya and it can be read on her blog.

As promised (or did I?) here are some pictures from AWE on sunday. They aren't too good as they were only taken with a video camera and don't really do the piece justice. Still, better than nothing I guess.

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