Thursday, December 01, 2005

World AIDS day

Today is world AIDS day, and since this time last year countless people have become infected with HIV, millions have died through an AIDS related illness, numerous children have been orphaned because their parents have died through AIDS related disease.

And do people in this country care, it appears not. I remember in the late 80s when we were inundated with safe sex advice from the government, but it now appears to be less of an issue, seen by most to be the disease of homosexuals.

Despite this HIV continues to spread rapidly in developing nations, and the worrying trend in the increase in sexual diseases in this country, shows that this virus could well spread rapidly in this country too.

Thankfully we have a health service that provides free drugs to aid those living with HIV to lead normal lives, and help them fight secondary infections. If only this could be the case where HIV infection is rife.

It's hard to believe that in some areas of the sub-sahara more than 25% of the population are infected.

This time last year I was in Sydney and many buildings were decorated with huge red ribbons for World AIDS day including the harbour bridge. I've yet to see one so bedecked this year in the uk. Wouldn't it be great if the churches put them up on their buildings and hopefully start a trend. Google have hung theirs on their search engine - nice one. For more info on AIDS the bbc has produced a great resource here, and for some personal stories about living with HIV here.

Don't ignore this disease, give thanks for those working to improve sexual health, working with AIDS orphans, and promoting safe sex.

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