Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Arranged to visit Mick and Eva on Monday eve after work. They live in Hemsworth which is really close to where I work. It was good to see them both as it as been a while. Mick's just started a new job as youth worker in the doncaster circuit, so I suggested he needed to start a blog, as that is what youth workers seem to do these days! Mick has been reading my blog and so this post is for him, I'm sure he'll be very excited to read his name on the world wide web (!)

Enjoyed a really nice meal, and after quite a bit of chatting, Mick suggested that we watched a film that was a bit of fun. Mick seems to have the idea that i only enjoy films that either have an interesting plot or are some kind of arty high brow affair, and he critised my over analysing critiques of gigs and stuff. Still, I feel that if i like something i need to justify why that is.

So we watched Happy Gilmore, and I was unsurprised to find it distinctly average. Though I must agree wit Mick, that it does provide entertainment, and should I have found myself on a long haul flight I'm sure I would have found the time it passed watching it on a tiny screen quite welcome.

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