Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Despite there only being a few at church again on sunday, the service was alright. Some thoughts that I had listening to the talk: So advent is looking forward to the coming of Christ, not just the historical coming, but the future coming to usher in the final kingdom of god. The second part is something not often discussed in church, and why? Due to the numerous ways of interpreting the relevent passages in the bible. In fact I think AM was a little surprised when Brian gave such an example 'realised eschatology'!

Anyway one of the points AM was making is that in todays society we are bombarded with news, that is more often than not bad, and it breeds a pessimistic vision of the future, and that pessimism breeds apathy. As Christians we have to counter this culture of apathy with our vision of the kingdom of God that we believe will be ushered in at some point in the future (however that might be) a place where the first is last and the last is first and the servent is the greatest. It's not a vision of death and destruction but of life, and perhaps if we lived our life anchored in such a vision we can bring a message of hope.

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