Sunday, November 06, 2005


These are those paraphrases from John's gospel that I mentioned in my post the other day, some ppl might find them useful

It all started with a conversation; Jesus was with God and the conversation was between them.

The conversation brought all things into being; nothing came into being except through the conversation.

This was life and the conversation brought light to all people.

The conversation took place in the world; indeed it brought the world into life although the world did not listen to the conversation.

And the conversation became human, we’ve seen it was glorious; it was as if a new born baby was amongst us full of innocence and beauty.

No one has ever heard the conversation except through Jesus who heard it and made it known.

Don’t worry, believe the conversation continues.

If you know me, you can hear the conversation. From now on you can take part.

You’ve known me all this time, Philip, and still have not heard what I’m saying. If you know me you have heard the conversation. How can you say you do not hear?

Do you not believe in the conversation? I do not speak on my own – the whole of the conversation is heard through me.

Believe me, there is a conversation; look and around you see all it has achieved.

Believe me; the one who joins the conversation will do greater things than I did because I have to leave the conversation.

Out of the conversation, shall come another to converse with you.

On that day you will know I am in conversation, you will converse with me and I with you.

Without love there is no conversation; with love the conversation is not with me but with the one who sent me.

16:2b, 3
Indeed, the hour is coming when those who kill you will think that by doing so they take part in the conversation. And they will do so because they are not part of the conversation.

Very, truly, I tell you, if you ask for anything in the conversation, you will receive it.

I have said these things to you in figures of speech, the hour is coming when I will no longer speak to you in figures but speak plainly in the conversation.

16:26, 27
On that day you will ask in conversation and I do not say you will need me to speak on your behalf, because you are loved as part of the conversation, have loved the conversation and believed I am part of the conversation.

I am from the conversation and part of the world; when I leave the world I shall still be part of the conversation.

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