Sunday, November 20, 2005


Just got back from a short walk around redmires and up to stanedge pole. Again to wear my new boots in. It's great to go for a walk, reckon I must've covered about 5 miles, but I didn't want to go too far with the sun setting so early. It's funny how walking is a past time, people driving their cars to beauty spots and wondering around. When did walking go from being a necessity for transportation to a past time. I was thinking as I walked with my fancy boots, if I'd enjoy it so much if I had to walk so far every day just to collect some water from a well.

Church was nice this morning, but there was only 6 of us cos of people away on holiday and it really does make you question whether or not it is right to continue with this reletively expensive relocation and redevelopment for so few, because we surely couldn't manage it financially. Which is a shame, because there is something special in the way we meet, informally, I get so much more out of our weekly worship these days. Even if it is just from a chat with margorie or francis as I wheel them across from the nursing home.

I'm all for the idea that there are far too many church buildings doing more or less the same thing, with next to no-one in them so why not close the buildings and re-use the capital to do more culturally relevent ways of being church for and with the community (whatever and wherever that community might be). Which I guess a lot of people agree with, until it becomes their church targetted for closure/merger.

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