Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A short history of nearly everything

Some might remember that I started reading this ages ago:

well it started out as a fairly good read, some of the scientists in previous centuries were incredibly resourceful. Some of the things they calculated was astonishing. However, because this book is aimed at the lay person I often found that I wasn't getting enough technical detail. When they talked about weighing the earth, i didn't just want to know the name of the person and that they acheived their goal, I wanted the calculations, because I wanted to try and do it too!

I began to read it much more sporadically as time went on, particularly through areas that i have some expertise in, as it was nothing new. I guess it's not designed to be a gripping read like a novel, just informative and well written. Just gives a little taste to some of the questions that have been tackled with regards to the earth. It's still fascinating to read how finely balanced life really is on this planet - more encouragement for us to be better stewards of this place we call home.


felicity said...

i sort of slowed to a halt with this one, the book mark is at just over the half way mark. there are some really fascinating people in this book. it will be picked up soon though now you've reminded me of it! thanks

moog said...

yeah i slowed down towards the end too. As about quarter of the book is actually a bibliography you are probably closer to the end then you imagined