Tuesday, November 01, 2005


So Sunday I was writing my blog and time seemed to fly by and before I knew it i had to go and help set up the circuit AWE service. But I'd mentioned this:

  • To live and communicate as Christians we need to live out the heavenly kingdom, and thus we need to learn the conversations and actions of the heavenly kingdom of which we are part.

  • I really enjoyed AWE this sunday, I always like helping set up all the av stuff, and though it can be quite exhaustig, I feel like I'm using some technical gifts in worship. In AWE we've been trying to explore alternative worship but it was beginning to feel a lot like any other service, but just with newer songs and fancy av. For this service the planning team put together a completely different order of service that leant more on participation and group work. Following our contemplation of the trinity the speaker lead us into a time of discussion as we considered the role of Christ as Son within the trinity. As an introduction to the discussion this is kind of what was shared. One of the earliest theologians to descibe the trinity, Tertullian (i think) described God as three person, or in latin persona. The literal translation being through sound. Interesting to think that our word 'person' has such a strange derivation. The reason being that the masked actors in greek theatre were thus termed as from a distance the character could only be distinguished by their voice - or through sound, and it was not unusual for the same actor to play several characters - the same person, but different sounds. So consider the trinity as three 'through sounds'. Intresting. Consider a given translation of John 1, in the beginning was the Word, as in the beginning was the conversation. The conversation of God. Using this idea CS had paraphrased a number of reading from John and reading them in this light really opened up a new way of considering the trinity (well for me anyway) It seemed to give the relationship between the three a kind of fluidity and life that sometimes the 'i in the father and the father in me' etc fails to portray. A conversation then invites participation, allowing us to be drawn into the conversation of God. Then when i look back at what i was rambling about before heading off to AWE about learning the conversations of the kingdom of heaven really seem to link in. I still don't think i can articulate it yet, but there's definately something exciting there. When I get them I'll try and post some of these paraphrases.

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