Thursday, November 10, 2005

Commons defeat

I'm not so sure about our political system in this country. So the 90 day detention without charge bill is defeated - and rightly so, I see no justification for holding anyone that long without charge, we'd be apalled if it were to happen in another country. The response from the newspapers - well it's all about Tony losing the grip of his party, and Tony says that his MPs are not in touch with how the electorate feel. Thank goodness for that is all I can say, because if the MPs voted just how populist opinion of the electorate dictates then we'd have legalised euthenasia a complete ban on genetic engineering and who knows what else. Probably some pop star as prime minister. Anyway my point is this. If you are elected to represent your constituency surely you should be free to decide how to vote that best suits the needs of the people you represent taking into consideration all the facts regarding the issue. Why is it then that party politics plays such a big role, even if you disagree with a bill you are expected to tow the party line, and are considered a rebel if you don't. I have great respect for those MPs who publically anounce they are not towing the party line on issues that they feel passionately for. Particularly the likes of Robin Cook and Andy Reed who had concerns over the war with Iraq.

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John Cooper said...

"Probably some pop star as prime minister"

Sorry mate, we already have! I don't know the name off hand but Blair was in a band at uni for a coupla years and this period is about to be spoofed in a channel 4 mocumentary.

Warm regards