Monday, November 07, 2005

Stuck in traffic

Was asked to go and help out at the leeds offiice today cos they were down on secretaries thru holidays and illness. Bit annoyed cos I had quite a bit to do from the barnsley office. Went, got stuck in traffic, got there, did the work I could on the computer that I could've done in barnsley. In addition I answered the phone about 5 times and that was it - what a waste of time - to travel all that way for nothing. Sat bored for sometime cos couldn't complete some of the work that I'd got planned to do in barnsley cos that was where the info was. Then the journey home was just as bad - 1 hour 20min, stuck on m1.

Still, there was a parcel on my return, the prayer manuals and 'time to talk of God' books that I'd ordered for church.

Listening and watching the Gorillaz live here on radio 1, I think it's available for about a week. It sounds alright, not much difference from a cd mind, and definately doesn't capture the live experience.

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