Sunday, November 06, 2005


It's been a fairly odd weekend in that I've caught up with a couple of friends from years ago. On friday I was working on site in Doncaster when I received a text from my friend John. We grew up together in Pilsley and went to the same school and have done quite well at keeping in touch, if sporadically. Sadly his dad is unwell, hence him being in the area, but it turned out that his dad was actually in ICU at doncaster royal infirmary. Just half a mile from where I was working. So I took the opportunity to go and spend some time with his dad. It's always fairly shocking to see someone with so many machines and wires attached, but I guess with all these medical dramas it's not an uncommon sight - except this is for real. I've not seen his dad for quite some time, and as i introduced myself, I'm sure he recognised me as his head moved and he tried to move his eyes, and a small tear trickeld down his cheek. It was quite moving, I spent some time chatting about what I'd been up to, when his partner arrived - who I've never seen. It must have been somewhat surprising for her to hear that there was someone at his bedside - and then someone she didn't know!

Anyway, on saturday I was able to meet up with John back in Pilsley and had opportunity to catch up over a pint, and also chance to meet his partner who was lovely. It's great to have friends who you rarely see, but when you meet up conversation flows naturally and it could've been just last week that you last met. Though our conversation did move to a bit of reminiscing which must've bored Suzanne a bit.

Then today, I receive an email out of the blue from the guy I used to share a bathroom with in halls at uni. I must've sent him a message on the uni alumini portal not expecting any results - but it did. Great to hear from him, and see that he is also considering career change too. Interesting that - maybe it's something that happens in your late 20s.

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