Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Surreptitious posting

I'm on site today, and don't have a great deal to do. There's nothing more boring than sitting at work trying to invent jobs to fill in the time. It just makes the minutes drag by, maybe when you're bored you are actually travelling closer to the speed of light, without realising it. I think only someone who is bored could've ever contemplated that last sentance!

The thing is, from a distance, blogging looks like work, and certainly sounds like it, with the click click sounds as i tap away on the keyboard. Don' fear fellow reader, I'm not turning into a slack worker, just consider that I'm doing this in the same amount of time that admin assistants all over the country will be using to talk about soap operas and minor celebrities, and perhaps file their nails. I'm just trying to break the stereotypical mould, being male and blogging.

Why try blogging at work today in this covert manner, well it's to inform you that there is another excellent email post from Siobhan about her recent experiences in Kenya. I suggest that, if like me, you want to make your day at work more interesting you go and give it a read.

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