Friday, June 10, 2005

Almost famous

Volunteered to help out at a function on Thursday morning. It was the launch of the 0-19+ partnership in Sheffield which intends to ensure that the various agencies communicate in such a way that children and young people who are being abused don't fall through the net, as was the case for Victoria Climbie. An intersting venture. Anyway, they needed someone to help set up a projector and stuff for this breakfast meeting and I don't mind getting up early and said I'd help out. Fairly straight forward set up, loaded the presentation for the top bod and pressed B for a blank screen. You need to press B to start your presentation I told him, took him about 20s to find the B key!
After the presentation they opened the floor to questions and no-one was taking the opportunity, so i had a few questions that had come to mind during the talk. They asked for my name and the agency I represented, had to do some quick thinking, cos I could hardly say - oh I just came to set up the powerpoint!
All members had a copy of this publicity document, and the photographer from the Sheffield Star wanted the top bods to pose for a photo with their documents. Meanwhile I was turning the projector off and shutting down the computer and had put my document down. When I went to pick it up again I noticed it had been swiped by the speaker. Come the afternoon i picked up a copy of the star for the jobs and there was my publicity pack in the arms of some bloke. That was mine I thought, almost famous.

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