Saturday, June 18, 2005

Stannington Brass Band

Just been to see them play at Stanninton Methodist church as part of the events that have been planned to say farewell to Bryce Fletcher, the Deacon there. Went really to show some support to Bryce, and I do enjoy a bit of Brass music, was a bit shocked to find I had to pay to enter! If I'd've known I'd have stayed at home. The music was pretty good, and sounded incredibly loud in the fairly small venue. It was funny watching all the old dears jump out of their skin when it started up. There was some piano solos as well, not my cup of tea, minutes of plinky plonky stuff. No disrespect to the pianist though, who was pretty good, just didn't play tunes I like.

Went on a bit too long too, wish I'd left at the interval, cos the brass band only played some Disney pap and the theme tune to Groundforce after that.

It's absolutely roasting.

Hardly slept at all last night cos it was so sticky, hot and humid. Least I got a bit of sleep this afternoon. Not much work at the construction site so the afternoon was free for reading and sleeping in the garden.

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