Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Another day

I've been too busy to post recently, been doing lots of things. One of which is preparing a presentation to bring to church council regarding our bid to redevelop a property and make it into a chruch/cafe. Anyway, got back from work, after picking car up from the garage and I was dripping with sweat. It's still hot!! Took a quick shower and then finished this presentation to take to a meeting to night, it was only 48k so thought I'd drop it onto a floppy disk. Rooted around in my drawers and found one, haven't used one in ages. Turned out to be a mistake, cos the file wouldn't load on my david's laptop at the meeting. An hours work wasted - still it should come in for the church council meeting. The property group meeting was fairly positive and I came away a good deal happier - it's still a tough project that is going to require a great deal of faith. Only one day left at work, then I'll be at methodist conf - wish I could post whilst there, but don't want to have the bother of paying at an internet cafe or whatever.

I'd like to come back and work at the childrens fund when I come back from conference, I shall enquire.

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