Monday, June 27, 2005

Methodist Conference


I've remembered my password and username, which is great cos it means that I can keep you posted of events at methodist conference. The journey down on Friday was long and uneventful, and all this after a job interview in the orning resulted in quite a tiring experience. I happened to arrive at the hotel at about the same time as Roz, being immediately invited to go for a meal with her and her family. Great to catch up with friends over a meal and engage in genuine conversation from people who care, despite seeing each other infrequently. As far as conference business and worship goes, there is little to report that sticks out at the moment. Yesterday I headed to Plymouth for the ordination of Sue Griffiths, a probationer in my circuit. it was great o be able to offer support at such a significant occasion through my presence. The service was formal, as expected, and included quite a lot of standing up and sitting down at various points. However, it was the few moments after each ordinand had had hands laid upon them that they all stood and turned to face the congregation that was supporting them. I got a real sense that here they were ready to serve us and God and to begin the lifelong journey and vocation of ordained ministry.

Anyway, a queue is developing to use these limited computer facilities, so i shall move over. I'll write some more later....

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