Thursday, June 30, 2005

long drive home

So today the Methodist Conference due to a close. It's been good, though felt quite rushed, with some debates being rather hurried. In fact I was cut short myself when highlighting to conference how poor I thought the research on the 20-30s report was.

The most moving discussion was that around the Pilgramige of Faith topic. A collection of quotes on all aspects of human sexuality that had people sharing difficult stories publically. The whole atmosphere was very gracious and it was incredible to observe people with wildly differing views on the subject apologising for the hurt they may have caused those with opposing views. It was such a shame that the national press took this debate and claimed it as something which it was not. The Methodist church has in no way allowed the blessing of civil same sex ceremonies, rather it is one of a number of things the church feels requires further conversation. Particularly in light of human rights legislation etc.

The journey back was quite an ordeal, taking 3 hours to do a 45min stretch as there was an accident on the M5. We came to a complete stand still and I was becoming quite frustrated as there were no viable alternatives to get out of devon! In the end I started to read some Harry Potter whilst waiting for the roads to clear.

Took me 7 hours to get to my parents!

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