Wednesday, June 29, 2005

World Church evening

Again a short blog due to time restraints, there's a huge queue for the computers. Last night I went to the world church event that was set out in a kind of speed dating manner. Small tables with a collection of chairs on which was sat one member of the world church who would share some stories before moving to another table, each change over greeted by songs from around the world. An inspirational time, the best thing I heard: A representative from the methodist church in cuba who informed us that 70% of the church was under the age of 30, why? The answer given was prayer, they open the church for prayer at 5am every day for prayer before work and then on fridays hold a prayer meeting from 10pm to around 1-2am which is attended by over 100 ppl.

Today business continues, we managed to change the report on what kind of bishops that will come to circuits to have a further option of "none of the above" for us to choose from. The Sheffield district with help from others were able to put forward a motion on treatment of assylum seekers that also raised again the issue I mentioned a few days ago. Hopefully this motion will result in a better support from the church to assylum seekers. More later

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